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With the introduction of mobile technologies, also came the spread of bullying in cyber space. Whilst I have never experienced or dealt with cyber-bullying, I understand that it is a growing problem among older children and teenagers, particularly females (see the stats here). Whilst trying to learn more about the topic and equip myself with the tools to deal with such problems in the classroom, I came across an article by the Sydney Morning Herald describing the Cybersmart program (aimed at preventing bullying and giving useful resources to all stakeholders for classroom and home) that was rolled out by the Gillard Government in 2013.



This could be used as part of a class’ studies into technology use at the start of the year explicitly (safe practices online) and throughout the year (respectful practices online). It would also help develop student’s digital literacy and fluency when using a range of technologies and apps. I am so glad to see that the government has finally done something to tackle this problem in a positive and preventative manner. Cybersmart is a very good tool for teachers, primary children, teens and their families in educating kids on how to act in a safe and respectful manner online.



Also see the ABC’s Behind the News, where they talk about beating bullying in our schools.

beating bullying


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