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Due to the limited time we get to explore music in our degree, I set out to learn more. I feel music is an integral part of any classroom and most definitely in the Early Years classroom and I felt that my skills and knowledge of teaching music were inadequate. I asked my current Director to send me any information she got on music PDs in the area and within the semester she sent me to a PD run by ORFF.

ORFF is a method of teaching music that combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to a child’s world of play. It was developed by German composer Carl Orff and colleague during the 1920s. Fundamentally the ORFF method is a “child-centered way of learning” music that treats music as a basic system like language and believes that just as every child can learn language without formal instruction so can every child learn music.

This PD was very engaging, motivating and creative and I collected many new ways of implementing music in the general teacher’s early years and primary classroom. A year later I was informed by a colleague of mine (a specialist music teacher) that another similar PD was occurring and invited me to attend, as she knew of my interest in the field. Again this was a very fun and interactive PD that I thoroughly enjoyed and again a lot of new ideas and resources from.

To further develop my skills and knowledge in teaching music I intend to visit one of the presenters from the Kodaly PD (Kylie Van Dijk) and watch how she implements the Kodaly method in her specialist music classroom.

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