ICT – Week 4 Reflection


The Digital Divide

Educating students to become digitally fluent and literate global citizens is a very difficult job considering the growing digital divide that is apparent around the globe. In both developing and developed countries, many children are finding themselves without the access, skills or knowledge to meet the future’s expectations of a growing digital world (Howell, 2012). Thanks to my upbringing I was exposed to and taught from an early age, the skills and knowledge required to actively participate in such a world. Although in the past few years I feel I have fallen behind the pack in regards to modern tech skills such as using infographics and twitter. Although thanks to my participation in this unit, I am very quickly catching up.


Below you can see the infographic I created this week, describing the digital divide. While I managed to complete the task, (this being my first attempt) it was neither efficient, intuitive nor easy. After looking at many other infographics I found mine shared many similarities with the majority on the web. Infographics often use graphs and maps for visual impact, quick stats and symbols, and while they tend to contain multiple pieces of information, they are short and snappy while packing impressive visual impact (Ocampo, n.d.). I found other infographics that weren’t quite as impressive did not use space very effectively and did not flow quite as well. Next time I create a infographic I will use a flow-chart effect as these sequence the ideas very well. For more tips on creating effective infographics click here.

digital divide infograph

See Close the Gap for more information on how you can help bridge the Digital Divide worldwide!

close the gap


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