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While hearing that Pinterest was a great tool from my fellow teachers, I had never really delved into it before this week. I had no idea that it had so many images, snip-its of information and resources. I looked into my interest areas and created several boards where I collected a multitude of digital information such as; teaching ideas and resources, vegan recipes, yoga poses and clothes and inspirational images. It was so easy to collect images and information on one topic in the one place. In regards to classroom teaching, from now on I will certainly use Pinterest as a way of sharing and collecting digital information to enrich my classroom and teaching practices. And in my teaching I can see it becoming a useful tool for students to collect images and efficient sources of information quickly (BBC Active, 2010).


For example if the class were delving into a new topic/integrated unit I could ask students to go onto a class Pinterest account, create one board per student and collect a wide range of images and information to demonstrate their initial understandings and possible lines of inquiry for the unit. Not only would this develop student’s digital literacy and fluency in the technology, but also create an open-ended task for students to show creativity and their understanding of various types of digital information.

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