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Lifelong Learning

I truly believe in the saying, ‘You learn something new every day’ no matter how old or young you are. For instance today I taught a four year old child how to use the video tool on an iPad and she created several videos. On the other hand today I learned about the Earth Day Network and all the wonderful campaigns they are running in order to create a greener planet for tomorrow (Earth Day Network, 2014). Whilst I had heard of several of the campaigns I had never made the connection that they were all run by the same corporation.


See my Prezi on the Earth Day Network

Whether learning is part of formal education, or a ‘a word a day’ app, we need to model a passion and value of lifelong learning to our young people. As a teacher, I feel like I am always learning something new whether it be from my own research, technology, from my students or as part of an inquiry unit . We need to teach and model to our students a thirst for curiosity (Nova News, 2012). For example, you come across a question or a problem and with the use of today’s technology we can find the solution or answer in an instant. Learning doesn’t have to be hard, or taught, or even in one place, it can happen anywhere anytime.


See below for a real life problem I came across only the other day!

cat glowstick cat glowstick_002

lifelong learning


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