Kids, Take Charge


TED Talk – Kids, Take Charge by Kiran Sethi, 2009

Kiran founded the Riverside School in Ahmedabad, India where she works with the children and teachers on creating a child friendly world. The key way she drives this change is through real world learning where children are given the opportunity to create change in their own lives. When children work on solving REAL problems and see that they can achieve they develop a ‘I can’ mentality. Children battle problems such as; illiteracy, global warming, a disintegrating environment and charities in need and find solutions to create real world change (Seithi, 2009).

Aware (seeing the change), Enable (being changed), Empower (leading the change)

In return for creating positive change in their city, the city has designated bi-monthly days where the major CBD region of the city is shut down for children’s activities. Ahmedabad has become India’s first child-friendly city and is working towards creating national and global change (Kazmin, 2013).

Feel, Imagine, Do

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