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Teaching in the 21st Century is all about collaboration, sharing ideas, giving feedback and learning from one another. As part of the blogging task in EDC101, we undertook a peer assessment before final submission to help us create really effective and professional blogs and make corrections/adjustments before marking. Below you can find the peer feedback I have received and my responses to them, before submitted my final blogs.








Comments: Rebecca a very well thought out blog, well organised and constructed. Appropriately connected to the subject, a high quality of explicit viewpoints in response to the subject and graphics  I think all the links provide a very detailed view of your topics. I enjoyed your reflectionWell Done.  Rachael    Total:     41.5   /50

It was great to read Rachael’s feedback! She seemed to enjoy the organisation, appearance and content throughout my blogs. Because this feedback did not give any points for consideration or improvement is it difficult to analyse how I could improve it. When giving feedback I try to give 2 positives, a negative and an interesting comment in the hamburger method, even when an assessment piece of a very high standard there is always something that could be considered/adjusted/changed. Likewise with students, even if they do quite well in a task there is always room for further improvement, and these should be mentioned to the student similar to, “You did really well at this, you met all the criteria and I really liked the way you presented it, nest time you could try something different like ___ to challenge yourself”. This style of feedback is much more useful as it always gives students something to work towards.


Comments: Very eye catching I must say. All the pictures and links draw you in and make you want to explore and become ‘click’ happy. I did find that there was an over use of (!) which made some points come across quite aggressive – suggestion would be that some of these can either be linked to make a double pointed sentence with the (!)  or keep sentences as they are and just use a full stop. The background made the blog ever so eye-catching and you have put so much effort into making it easy to navigate your way around (I did have an issue with one of the links, to Carmens blog, which took me away from yours and so then had to start again) however I couldn’t find the teaching episodes. Other than that I really enjoyed having a look around your ‘teaching’ world for a while. Total:        34.5/50

Overall I am quite happy with Kylie’s feedback, she was honest and fair in her assessment. I did try to make the site quite visual as I find this enticing for me as a visual learner. The point made about the exclamation marks was fair, when I writing the blogs I felt quite passionately about I was writing and I suppose I wrote them a little informally. In regards to this feedback I will definitely go back to revisit my work, edit where needed and thus make my writing more professional. I have fixed and made clear the couple of hyperlink errors.

This feedback process has been very beneficial in having my own work marked but also in marking others’ work. By looking at my peers’ blogs I could easily see how theirs were different to my own, what needed changing and what elements made theirs special. It was also very interesting to see how others’ interpreted the same content knowledge differently. After completing the peer reviewing I found it then useful to apply the comments I made to my peers also to my own work. I would highly recommend this task for other units and assessment tasks as it makes the marking process very clear and understandable.

Blog rubric Bec Falls Marking

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking Bec Falls


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