EC Leadership Presentation Click to see presentation.

Why is EC Leadership so important?

How can you build and sustain leadership capacity in EC?



 As you see in the images above;

  • Leadership in EC is vital to provide quality care and education for young children, to retain quality staff, to educate and create future leaders of the field and to empower staff working with children.
  • In order to the build and sustain leadership capacity in EC, centres can employ; leadership programs, management programs, in-house training and CIT/TAFE courses for their teachers and assistants.

“It is empowering and enabling to take the perspective that we are all born with some leadership potential which can be realised with appropriate training, experience and encouragement”

leadershipAs a result of this presentation, I can now see the critical need for quality leaders in the EC field and why it is so difficult to attract them to leadership positions. It takes a great deal of effort, time and money to educate and train leaders for the future but is vital in providing quality care and education for young children.