Integrated Art Unit of Work

unit brainstorm

To develop children in a holistic way and keep them involved in all areas of learning, an integrated or inquiry approach to education can be very powerful! Please find below an Integrated Unit I have developed, using the inquiry approach, whereby students explore what makes their community special. The unit only provides lessons that cater to the creative arts, but gives suggestions for other subject areas also.

unit overview


RFalls Visual Arts Unit Plan EDAE315

As part of this task we were asked to create two of the art pieces that were to be made by the students to show that we had adequate skills and practice at the techniques we were teaching. Below is a photo collage of the special places in my community, which was created to show students’ skill of photography and photo editing.


There is also an architectural cardboard sculpture of my home to represent my skill in cardboard sculpture. Ideally the model would have been part of a 3D model of the community, created by the class.


Visual Literacy through Children’s Art Rich Picture Books

RFalls EDAE315 Task 1

you and me

As part of this task I undertook a study into the art rich picture book ‘You and Me: Our Place’ (Norrington & Huxley, 2007) for the utilisation of classroom learning and teaching. I looked into the biographical information of the illustrator, completed an in-depth analysis of the illustrations, and created a possible lesson sequence for a grade ¾ classroom accompanied by the relevant cross-curriculum links. Throughout my work in this task I  developed my artistic knowledge and skills whilst developing their classroom practice in the area of the arts.

DSCN4446 DSCN4447

As part of this task I created my own art piece that tied into the theme of the book. This is my turtle that I created my no-fire clay and painted with simple and cheap acryllic paints. This creation came from one of the paged in the book (as seen below) , where the page is beautifully filled with sea life. This page really stood out to me as a page that students’ would love to recreate.








As I’ve never had the to chance to teach creative arts in my practicums, this was a great chance to see how it can be done without a specialist arts teacher. This was a great opportunity, as before this unit, I was very anxious to teach the arts on my own, but participation in this unit has helped me to gain skills, knowledge and confidence to teach it in an integrated way in my very own classroom next year! (2015)