As part of a final year literacy teaching unit (EDLA369 Literacy Education 2) we were asked to present a professional learning session for our tutorial group on the topic of reading strategies. We created a website as the base of our presentation. Here we explored;

  • The 3 Cueing Sustems
  • The Four Roles of the Reader/Reading Circles
  • Classroom Strategies



My part in the presentation was to find reading strategies and resources for the classroom. I found both a collection of resources for emergent, developing and advanced readers. These strategies could used utilised as part of modelled and shared reading, guided reading groups and independent reading at both school and home. As we completed this task during our final internships, it was clear to us how useful the knowledge we were gaining was. The resources that I created as part of the task will feature in my classroom next year.

Decoding Strategies:

reading strategies posters




Reading Comprehension Strategies: