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Teaching in a Digital World – Living, Learning and Teaching

As part of my elective unit EDC101 Living and Learning in a Digital World, we were asked to compile a blog to document our learning journey over the course of the unit. This unit has been very valuable, as I have gained many new technological skills and teaching insights that I will use in my future classroom! Please click on the links below to see some of the knowledge I have gained and the resources collected.


Week 3 Reflection – Digital security – See Post

Week 4 Reflection-The Digital Divide See Post



Week 5 Reflection-Digital information See Post


Week 6 Reflection-Digital fluency See Post


Week 7 Reflection-Digital blurring See Post


lifelong learning

Week 8 Reflection-What is lifelong learning in a digital world? See Post



Kids, Take Charge! See Post



Teaching Episode – Classroom Blogging See Post


Peer Assessment for Learning See Post



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