In Early Childhood settings, many people merely see children playing outside with paint, sand and riding bikes and see EC teachers as mere “babysitters”. As I  am passionate and knowledgeable about the innerworkings of play and how EC teachers ‘teach’, I know that I am so much more than a babysitter! The way you can show this to others outside the field is through assessment and documentation of children’s learning.

Below you can find some examples of documentation and assessment I have done while on my teaching practicums in the forms of; photos, videos, voice recordings, conversation dialogues, learning stories, anecdotal records, work samples and wall displays.


The photos below show a spontaneous learning experience I implemented during my casual work at an early learning centre (2013). In this experience our youngest children were experimenting with painting the windows of their classroom. They developed their sense of touch, creative expression, understanding of colour mixing, light fractures and distortion.




This is a video taken from my 3rd practicum, in a preschool room at an EC setting. On this day we were experimenting with music, singing lots of songs and playing the musical bottles with different implements. In this video you can see children learning nursery rhymes (developing an ear for rhyme, pitch, tune and rhythm while learning new literary genres) while experimenting with musical bottles (gaining an understanding of light distortion and refraction, colour, volume and weight, sound reverberation and echos).

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Voice Recordings

Conversation dialogues

Learning stories Developing Writing Skillslearning story

Click above to read a learning story I wrote during my 3rd year (2012) preschool in an EC setting prac. Throughout my time with the children they had an increasing interest in writing, in particular the observations I was writing on my clipboard. First they watched me, then I let them have a turn, then I guided their writing technique and gradually their letter formations, pencil grip and concepts of writing developed.

Anecdotal records

Work samples

Wall displays