Throughout my final placement in an Early Childhood school with a year 2 group, I discovered the art of play based learning with primary students. at the beginning of each day for one hour students have the opportunity to undertake their own fortnightly inquiries. This is prompted by the resources and materials set out by the teacher based on current or past learning and students’ requests and interests. Learning opportunities could include;

  • Dramatic play at the ‘cafe’
  • Science experiments
  • Maths games
  • Sewing
  • Craft
  • Writing and art materials
  • Laptops and Ipads for research, publishing and play
  • Outdoor sports equipment
  • etc.

Each day the class has 1 reporter and 2 focus children. The teacher primarily stays with and observes these children. The reporter is given a set task in the investigations journal and once completed needs to report back to the class about their learning, difficulties and discoveries. The focus children also report back to the class but may complete any learning they wish.

This is a fantastic way for the teacher to sit and learn with students individually, for students to learn self-regulation and have the chance to take on long and short term projects. It also means that the teacher has a chance to complete written observations on each child weekly. I just loved this technique and the different discoveries that came from it and hope to use it in my classroom some day soon!

Here are some photos of some of our investigations offerings: